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Consultants specify large
technology projects

Each Consultant is a subject
matter expert for a specific
technology or application
2192 Subject
Matter Experts
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End-users rely on
Consultant expertise

When in-house resources
are unavailable, End-users
need capable Consultants
15 Market
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Integrators install
and maintain projects

Consultants and End-users
need qualified bidders for
technology projects
356 Potential
Manufacturers' supply
technology products

Consultants need reliable,
feature rich products for
their project designs
362 Unique
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Why ConsultantRegistry.Org?

Websites like LinkedIn are excellent for professional networking; however, they are not industry specific and are not a reliable or comprehensive showcase of specialized skills and expertise.

Industry organizations such as ASIS, BICSI and SIA represent facets of specific industries but don't adequately address the technology convergence happening today, nor do they explain the interrelationship of Consultants, Manufacturers, Integrators and End-Users.

ConsultantRegistry.Org's mission is to support and promote consultants as an online directory and as an educational resource for the complete Technology Ecosystem which includes product manufacturers, Integrators and End-users.